July 4th – Veterans Days – 9/11 Ceremony

Memorial Days – Veterans are much loved by Mount Prospect.  Below are photos including ones taken during a visit by Sevres delegates. Their Mayor’s father was in the French resistance. Mayor François Kosciusko-Morizet carried a special message to those at the Memorial Day program.

Mayor Wilks marches with former Mayor Skip Farley and Mayor François Kosciusko-Morizet
Veterans march to Memorial Band Shell at Lions Park
Prospect High School Band marched with vets
Thank you signs are everywhere
Mount Prospect Bandshell hosts Memorial Day Events
Helmet on gun marks death of soldier

July 4th in Mount Prospect loves the July 4th parades and Lions festival with its fireworks.  On this page are an assortment of parade pictures taken by generous Mount Prospect parade goers.  This page features fireworks display taken by Alan Wilks who is a wonderful spirit on this journey.

Mayor Wilks and daughter, Jolin Wilks McElroy


Irvana rides in convertible with Niece Kirsten Cochran, Alan Wilks and driver Fred Steinmiller
Alan and I are joined with Alan’s Brother Larry Wilks

Remembering 9/11 Attack

Ten Years RememberingOn the Tenth Anniversary of the 9/11 Terror Attack, as Mayor I wrote and read a tribute of remembering which is in a link of Ten Years Remembering.

Mount Prospect Veterans bring flags to open 9/11 ceremony –

Since the 9/11 Terror Attack the Village of Mount Prospect has held a ceremony to remember the fallen.  Upon learning of the attack in 2001, Mount Prospect gathered for a candlelight prayer service at the Memorial Band Shell.  In subsequent years commemorations were held with Fire Fighters, Police, clergy, elected officials and citizens coming together for fire-fighter-bell ringing at the times the towers fell.

Downtown Fire Station hosted Bell Ringing service
As Mayor, I thanked those serving as firemen and police
Fire Chief Michael Figolah made remarks
Deputy Police Chief Bob Rzepecki spoke of police deaths
Ceremony open to public who joined in Pledge of Allegiance 
Policemen and Firemen mark solemn time wearing black

Veterans Day – November 11

Veterans Day honors all veterans who served and serve our nation.  It is celebration of the military services who protect our precious freedoms.

Irvana Wilks sits with veterans during Veterans Day Ceremony

Veterans organizations provide the program with inspirational speakers, music and prayers.  Also moving is the 21-gun salute and the playing of taps to honor The Fallen and those veterans who have passed away.

Mount Prospect students are always at the program.

The children bring hand-colored notes to give to all of the veterans.  One of my favorite sights is veterans being besieged by students, and their pockets stuffed with thank-you cards.

If you are unable to attend a Veterans Day Ceremony on November 11, say a prayer of thanks, raise your flag, or tell a veteran how their service has touched your life.