Flood Fighting 2008

Photos by Mike Zarnek

Mayor Wilks speaks to Public Works crews as they fill sandbags. They are waiting for Jersey barriers to be delivered to construct flood wall.

Sandbags in place with Jersey barriers down the middle of River Road. Des Plaines River well out of its banks. Crews begin erecting what will total about 20 pumps

Trustee John Korn speaks with Public Works crewman Fred Steinmiller.

Crews fixing pump not working.

Des Plaines River crests. Sandbags and jersey barriers hold.

Mayor Wilks walks flooded neighborhood.
Once floodwall is constructed, pumps will be mounted to drain floodwater from streets and storm sewers.

Village Manager Mike Janonis helps command the emergency crews along with Public Works Director Glen Andler (not in photo).

Mayor Wilks ask residents in flooded neighborhood if they are prepared for cleanup. In background sandbags delivered by public works crews help prevent street flooding from entering garage.

Pumps pulling water from storm sewers and detention ponds.