We own a beautiful Florida Condo.  In deciding to remain in Mount Prospect we are offering it for sale.  It is at Casa Bonita Royale, 25901 Hickory Blvd., Unit 506, Bonita Springs, Florida.  We post these photos to make it easier to view the interior.

A realtor, Michael Vincent with Berkshire Hathaway, is representing us as sellers.  His website is 

These are photos of the inside of Condo – Unit 506

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    1. Thanks – I couldn’t get it to not be with the blog widgets, but hope it works. Now onto letters. Much Love – Irvana

  1. Irvana,
    Thanks for the pictures of your paradise. I really enjoyed looking at them. Good luck with the sale of it although it seems too bad that you’ll have to be without it.

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